Tips for dramatically changing the way you use your time


suddenly you
Are you using your time effectively?


“I wanted to do it today
“Even though I had a job,
“I didn’t make any progress…”

You may have experienced that.

“Tips for dramatically changing the way you use your time”
I will tell you on the theme.

By practicing today’s content,

I was able to eliminate the waste of time
work or private
You will be able to use your time meaningfully.

Please take a look to the end.

First, poor use of time
“Often things don’t go according to plan”
The problem of people who

“How long does each task take?
“I don’t know how long it will take”

That’s what it means.

For example, after waking up in the morning
The “approximate time” until leaving home is
you may have figured it out.

But more details

・Time to eat
・ Time to choose clothes to wear
・Time to brush teeth

The time distinguished by
It’s the same as not being able to grasp it.

Even if this is work
they are in the same state.

In other words, detailed tasks,
each work time
Because I do not understand

work the way you want
I cannot proceed.

“For this work
“How long did it take?”
By grasping the tendency of

I was able to do my work without difficulty
You will also have more time to spare.

So what should we actually do?

for each task or task
to record.

Every time you suddenly switch work or task
Is it difficult to record

At first, look back about 2-3 hours
It’s a good idea to record it.

We recommend
If you work from 8:00 to 17:00

・Break at 10:00
・Lunch break
・Break at 15:00
・After work

at the timing
Once it went to 2-3 hours
It’s like recording a task or work.

The point is to record accurately
To record while remembering.

because in a time I couldn’t remember
This is because there is a high possibility that there is waste.

Grasp that wasted time
Efficient use makes it more efficient
you can get on with your work.

Tasks and work hours grasped

when planning your next
Let’s take advantage of it.

The point is
Estimate time a little longer.

By doing so,
Even if there is some delay in progress
Work can proceed as planned.

Everyone has the same 24 hours, but
Results will vary greatly depending on how you use it.

Please practice what I told you today.
Knowing how to spend time in the past
Let’s use the future time effectively.